The Blog Formerly Known As Dirty Stinking Liberals

To have an idea of what to expect from this blog, have a look at the plethora of zany cartoons and terrible attempts on political commentary on its predecessor blog, Dirty Stinking Liberals. You may laugh, or cringe or simply wonder what the fuck I was really thinking.

Or if you can’t be arsed to go through several years of crummy caricatures, then here’s some handpicked for your delectation! Complete with spelling mistakes!

Here’s one on same-sex marriage:

 photo ThePinkSmokescreen-2.png

And here’s a comic about the woes of graduate job hunting (entirely ripped off from a sketch from New Zealand comedian Billy T James):


Who’s to blame for the fact Britain has been so slow to adopt fiber optic technology:


And finally, a semi-nude of Boris Johnson: