It seems some people these days wear the poppy not out of remembrance, but out of narcissism. It’s becoming a competition with one another to see who can wear their poppy earliest and who can wear the most ostentatious poppy. Like for example, I saw a massive poppy on the radiator grille of a car the other day. Had I had known this has been a thing for years, I would have included it in the comic.

Even the headlines around this time of year have gotten more ludicrous and sinister over time:

  • Royal Legion volunteer moved on by jobsworth (extra points if jobsworth has a foreign connection).
  • BBC news presenters wear poppy too early/too late
  • A news presenter won’t wear one.
  • A politician doesn’t wear one.
  • A politician wears one but guess who paid for it?
  • An ethnic won’t wear one because of religious reasons
  • Employees forbidden to wear poppies at work.
  • X-Factor judge wears an ostentatious and unfeasibly expensive poppy
  • Are poppies made in a leaking tin hut in Mumbai by blind orphans earning a dollar a month?
  • Are white poppies the new red poppy?
  • Poppy fascism
  • Has Poppy Day lost its appeal?
  • And of course, a Muslim allegedly burns one and only gets a small fine.

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