May the Fourth



It seems some people these days wear the poppy not out of remembrance, but out of narcissism. It’s becoming a competition with one another to see who can wear their poppy earliest and who can wear the most ostentatious poppy. Like for example, I saw a massive poppy on the radiator grille of a car the other day. Had I had known this has been a thing for years, I would have included it in the comic.

Even the headlines around this time of year have gotten more ludicrous and sinister over time:

  • Royal Legion volunteer moved on by jobsworth (extra points if jobsworth has a foreign connection).
  • BBC news presenters wear poppy too early/too late
  • A news presenter won’t wear one.
  • A politician doesn’t wear one.
  • A politician wears one but guess who paid for it?
  • An ethnic won’t wear one because of religious reasons
  • Employees forbidden to wear poppies at work.
  • X-Factor judge wears an ostentatious and unfeasibly expensive poppy
  • Are poppies made in a leaking tin hut in Mumbai by blind orphans earning a dollar a month?
  • Are white poppies the new red poppy?
  • Poppy fascism
  • Has Poppy Day lost its appeal?
  • And of course, a Muslim allegedly burns one and only gets a small fine.

Le Morte de Farage

Nigel Farage’s worst nightmare. Besides being anally violated by the Euro sign, that is.


Yes, I’m aware that Farage never really said anything about how homosexuals have the power to literally cause environmental damage (that credit goes to a UKIP councillor from Oxfordshire). But then this is the same guy who genuinely believes that immigrants are a direct cause of AIDS (or indeed for anything in this country), and thinks breastfeeding is ostentatious.